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09-22-2003, 06:23 AM
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Just another example of stupidity

Originally Posted by Fletch
that's two full days for Sather to chastise this team for all it's done bad; it's two full days to watch videos and make adjustments. It's two days to correct some things that Sather didn't like. So, given that they played 3 in three nights to start the preseason, which is ridiculous in and of itself, let's see how the team responds.
I just noticed that while, yes, the next game is on Wednessday night, the next game is on the VERY NEXT NIGHT, on Thursday. So we played a game on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday, have 2 off nights, and then have back to back games on Wednessday & Thursday. Can someone please explain to me what is the value of playing our first 5 preseason games in the first 7 nights? How could Sather be this stupid? 5 games in 7 nights leaves ZERO practice time and greatly increases the possibility of injuries.
At first I saw that we had 9 preseason games, and I thought that was stupidity in itself. Now I see that we play 5 games in our first 7 nights and stupidity is not quite accurate enough.
This effin' team needs to practice as much as possible, not spend themselves by playing 5 games in the first 7 nights. When will this stupidity ever end?

So now, you know that there was no practice today after playing a moronic 3 games in 3 nights w/ plane travel on EVERY friggin' night. They'll have one practice session on Tuesday (with the heavy schedule, vets probably will not be attending), and then it's right back to Columbus to play on Wednessday night, and then right back to NY for a game on Thursday.
Where is the time to practice what they did wrong?

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