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Originally Posted by pam19 View Post
Lets say top 10%.
There is 90 players on third line in the league.

Let's not extrapolate that Lats would have done 19 goals in 82 games.

Just give me 9 of those 90 third line players (10%) who has scored 15 goals or more last year.
Among those, how many can throw good hits?
And how many are 22 years old and less?

You want to prove your point.
But this is unfair.

For a third line player, Latendresse was among the best. This is why so many were seeing him on second line.
He would never have been content being on the third line and probably was the reason he regressed in the first place. He would have continued to regress because the reality of simply being a good third liner would have been more and more apparent, and he would have continued to pout that he's not getting chances in the top 6.

He scores in close quarters, excellent style with grinding linemates. When he's lined up with skillfull players, he tries to be a perimeter player but his lack of speed, puck control and decision making just can't keep up. The only hope he had in the top 6 was to drive the net, which he absolutely refuses to do. He hasn't accepted that its is the only way for him to be effective and to hide his defficiencies and unless he does, he'll never play up to his potential.

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