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11-27-2009, 01:32 PM
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Originally Posted by pam19 View Post
I don't about the truth and it is heresay.
I would like to see Latendresse answer.
For sure, he had a young baby and a separation.

For skating, it is not a matter of speed. It is first few steps, turning.

For getting to the net, there was so many time I saw him on the boards getting the puck that he could not be at two place at the same time...
I don't think he does not want to listen to the coaches.
He tends to go to the boards because he is good and it is very tough to get the puck from him (more this year I think).
So he probably goes there to help his confidence.

Two years ago, I was saying that the biggest problem of Latendressse is in the head, his confidence, maturity, who knows.
It will get there and when it does he will rise to the next level (top-6 and maybe top-3).

BTW, this move has hurted him and when he was talking, I was not feeling it was with him, he was repeating words he read over time.
A guy with confidence would have been much shorter.
Hey, pam19....all good points and it surely proves one thing for sure, we as fans don't really know all the facts, and best we can do is debate on what we do know, and theorize the rest.

What would worry me if I were a Minny fan, is if it's true that he was asked (and showed) to stand in front of the net in PP drills, and then would defiantly stand in the high slot on the next drill, then he's going to be a tough nut to crack...because that kind of behavior typically has deep roots. Plus it explains why he didn't get much PP time.

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