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Originally Posted by LesCanadiens View Post
Stats don't mean everything and sometimes they really mean nothing...the only way to get the real story, is to watch the players play on a regular basis. That's all I'm saying.
If that article can reconcile you with stat guys

if the link isn't working, 5th article on the list

Scouting vs Sabremetrics
The title should about say it all, ever since the whole statistics movement in baseball there has been a raging debate over the ideal way to find talent especially in the amateur ranks. The two sides couldn't be on more opposite side of the fence, in the way they think and the way they do things.

Having brief experience in both fields, I feel I can give a pro/con with a little more insight than others, if even at times it may be logical to those who haven't scouted or done any form of analysis. Of course this is for hockey, baseball people, exit stage left:

Originally Posted by LesCanadiens View Post
Exactly the type of guy I wish we picked up...
but he can't skate


btw, didn't see the comment posted on the hok site before but there it is

Latendresse Traded for Pouliot
I have the strangest feeling people in Montreal are going to look at Beniot's fourth overall pick and get excited at the upside.

Make no mistake though, this was a bad trade, Pouliot barring the most miracle of breakouts, is inferior to Latendresse.

Gui has shown he can be a viable 6th forward at least, and his career ES numbers are great.

Pouliot has shown why some scouts should find a new day job.

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