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09-22-2003, 06:50 AM
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Name: Carlos

Age: 32

Location: White Bear Lake

Fav All time Minnesota player (Wild or North Stars): Don't have favorites. Didn't see much of the North Stars growing up.. Watched a lot of the Canadiens on CBC.

Fav Current Wild: Hard to say. Zholtok, Park to name two. Changes a bit. Zholtok seems to really just enjoy playing the game, which is nice.

Fav Non Wild Players: Don't really have favorites. Ryan Smyth I remember once threw some pucks to kids before a game, which I thought was pretty nice. Cliff Ronning was always a good guy.. would toss his stick to the crowd if he got a star. Seemed to enjoy playing here.

Fav Wild Prospect: Currently, Burns and Foy. Will probably change tomorrow. (Favorites just aren't my thing.)

Fav Non Wild Prospect: I hate them all.

Fav Movies: My tastes really vary.. hard to name a favorite. (I may have problems with committment. )

Music: This I can list one name and genres... Grateful Dead, Jazz (not the smooth kind), Bluegrass, Classic Punk, a few of the newer punk bands as well, various Indie Rock, etc.

Hobbies: Programming, Outdoors, Photography

Fav food: Beats me... I suppose fish.

Fav Beer: I've homebrewed.. that's good stuff. Summit, Schell's, stuff at the Town Hall Brewery.

Fav Wild moment/how I became a fan: Not sure how I became a fan.. just happened. Favorite moment: Many! The obvious game-winners in last year's playoffs. The first win against Edmonton at home in OT was pretty cool. Actually, the first home playoff game was a pretty great moment, too, even though the outcome wasn't great... the pregame feeling was incredible.

How long I have been a Wild fan: half-fan the first season.. full-time the second.

Origin of screen name: letters from name.

Jerseys owned: Just Wild authentic... not numbered (yet).

Married?: Engaged for over a year.. married soon.

Kids: 0

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