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Originally Posted by geeman View Post
Kriss buddy arent you tired of this same song since 1993 ? I understand what us fans are going through right now . If Gainey didnt spend like a total fool , I would agree with you , but he went 10 mil too far in my opinion .

But with 3 top forwards making 18 mil , and Price easily at 4 mil, our cap is shot as it is . Is Pleks going to lead us somewhere ?

Kriss the Bruins years ago rid themselves of Thornton , their star player for one reason , THEY WERENT WINNING , after 8 years of doing the same crap we have been doing for 16 years , they decided its time to move him.

The bruins were ripped to shreads for this deal , but it gave them the flexibility to do other things. The Thornton deal saved them the money to go after impact players in SAVARD AND CHARA, as free agents.

But the key is Kriss they realizied JOE as my best player isnt going to cut it.
If we sign Pleks to a stupid deal and it will take one , he is NOT the front line player to make the difference for us , its not KOPITAR , OVECHKIN, MALKIN etc you say
pay him and watch out.

We have no Forsberg or Pronger in the minors or waiting in the wings but we have a cap hell team right now. Its fine if your the Pens with 2 franchise players on your team and a cup , and a core , yes folks A CORE THAT CAN COMPETE FOR CUPS

we dont have a Malkin, Sid, Staal , Fleury , Letang , Goligoski , Gonchar nucleus.

They have a much better cap and need the Kunitz`s and the yearly Guerin types to fill out the team .

We are a middle of the pack team again with a butt ugly cap moving forward.

even with Pleks great play , we still arent good enough and wont be for years .

Other than Price there is no major upside to this team , Pleks is not a front line player like he is playing like now . If some team really wants to overpay to get him , make the deal , he isnt the saviour , just like Komi wasn`t this top blueliner we thought or how we jumped on the wagon thinking Tanguay was the missing piece , when non of them werent .

Cmon folks do you want another decade of this bandaiding crap because thats all we are good at .

injuries arent a full excuse here , if all were healthy the improved Max over the last few weeks wouldn`t be playing , Bergeron isnt playing , Kosty Sr is on the 4th line .
The decent play of White , Pyatt , etc.. dont play , etc....

Gainey will likely get fired at years end , so he will likely do what he can to fight for
job his job but in the process acheive zero.

What was the purpose of MAB on defense , give the job to Webber and see what he can do , ditto for Gill , surely you can find a $ 1 mil scrub cause thats all he is .

but if you think Pleks , Cammy, Gomez , and Gionta as your top 4 forwards is going to get us anywhere ...... good luck ..........
How does getting rid of Pleks solve the issues you are mentioning. You claim that guys such as Cammy, Gomez and Gionta will not get the Habs anywhere, so according to you, the Habs need to add better players. But how are they going to do that? Do they trade Pleks and use that salary cap room to sign a saviour? That makes no sense, as Pleks will most likely demand less money than an equivalent UFA would. What you fail to realize is that Pleks is not, and will not be, the reason for these salay cap issues you are talking about. Pleks will most likely be a cheaper piece than and equivalent UFA, so realistically, the smart thing to helps solve the issues you mention, would be to keep him.

The Habs don't appear to have a cheap amazing young player who Pleks would be taking a roster spot from, so how does it make sense to trade him? They certainly won't get a cheap amazing young player in return for a UFA-to-be-Pleks in a trade if they decide to trade him...

Your logic is flawed, and your pessimism is misdirected.

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