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12-15-2004, 05:15 PM
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what are you guys talking about? The Isles payroll is around 38 million dollars. what are you talking about. They have a below avg payroll in the NHL. The Isles are not the problem. The yash contratc was too many years and too many dollars, but withing the framework, it amounts for 38 million for the whole team. The rangers, with there minor league NHL team, still have a higher payroll. If you do not like the Isle sbecause of there cup, hall of famers, cross town rival, etc thats one thing, but when it comes to payroll, the isles have always been below avg. You guys are laughable. And for all you that put down the great Devils org, thats plain crazy, You wish u had a franchise like NJ. They make the Rangers loom like losers. thats nuts.

Messier....beloved?? hahahaha how you guys forget. He ran out of this town so quick for vancouver. Sather and Mess must be celebrating in some bar over his contratc and sathers tenure and salary. The joke is on you. hahahahaha

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