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Originally Posted by jareklajkosz View Post
1976 Summit Series, or 1974 I guess. Whichever year it was. Either way, Tretiak played behind some very very good teams internationally, so saying that he had to play against some highly stacked teams without context is very misleading. I think Hall's achievements against those stacked Habs teams is more impressive than what Tretiak did to be honest.
I would say that most international teams are very, very good at the very least.

But in context and by way of comparision, in the 1976 Canada Cup, Team Canada fielded 17 Hall of Famers, including 10 players in the ATD top 100 (2008).

As for the Russian squad in that same tournament they had 1 Hall of Famer, and 1 player in the ATD top 100 (2008).


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