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11-27-2009, 05:20 PM
nik jr
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laperriere on PP

the key to my 1st PP unit is the excellent QB ability of cameron and park.

i don't have the same level of d-man on the 2nd unit, so it will have to work the puck low more, but both recchi and hossa are very much used to doing that.

laperriere was clearly not much of a goalscorer, but he was a smart puckmover, which is the most important thing on PP, and i think he is OK as a QB.

overpass did great work totalling points at ES, PP and SH from the '60s.

PP points by d-men: '62-'67
pilote: 96
howell: 50
laperriere: 48
douglas: 44
tremblay: 34
horton: 34
green: 31
talbot: 26

laperriere's career started in '64. on a per game basis, he is actually 2nd to pilote.

PP points per game
pilote: .2546
laperriere: .1875
douglas: .1555
howell: .1207
green: .0885
tremblay: .0859
horton: .0810
talbot: .065

surprisingly, tremblay and laperriere scored basically the same number of points every season until '71. even though laperriere is younger than tremblay, he outscored tremblay in his 1st and 2nd seasons.

calle johansson was also not a great offensive threat, but like laperriere, he had good offensive ability and made smart decisions. unless i am mistaken, johansson was on the 1st unit for most his his career.

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