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Originally Posted by Canadiens Fan View Post
From 1974 - 1976 Steve Shutt's primary center was Pete Mahovlich.

Pete Mahovlich Goals
1973-74 - 36
1974-75 - 35
1975-76 - 34

From 1976 - 1979 Steve Shutt's primary center was Jacques Lemaire.

Jacques Lemaire Goals
1976-77 - 34
1977-78 - 36
1978-79 - 37

From 1979 - 1981 Steve Shutt's primary center was Pierre Larouche.

Pierre Larouche Goals
1979-80 - 50
1980-81 - 25

Each of the center's that played for Steve Shutt seemed to have no decline in their own goals scored.

Needless to say Mike Gartner seemed to score goals with a multitude of different centers.

But two examples.

1980-81 Gartner scores 48 goals. His center Denis Maruk scored 50 goals.

1984-85 Gartner scores 50 goals. His center Bobby Carpenter scored 53 goals.

Centering Shutt and Gartner, Frederickson a man who finished no lower than third in his PCHA scoring career should be able to more than hold his own.
First off- Lemaire scored 24 goals in the 78-79 according to

Secondly, who was playing RW with Shutt? Guy Lafeur, who pass as well as he could score (by his top-10's, at least). With Mahovlich and Lemaire, who were described as the set-up men in those lines, it gave the line at least two guys could pass. My problem is your line has one, and he scores goals quite well too, which he won't nearly as well if he's busy being the only one feeding passes.

I am therefore going to ask who was the LW of these lines these two years?

But as you noted, gartner played with a multitude of centres;

In 83-84, his centre was likely Bobby Carpenter- who scored 28 goals, good for about 66th, and 40 assists, good for 69th in the league.

In 87-88 his centre was likely Dale Hunter, who played 74th in assists vs 93rd in goals.

Of course one of the critiscms of Gartner was his never really reaching elite level- which was likely partially caused by being overshadowed on good teams and on the Washington teams where he was the go-to guy, not having a guy to really feed him the puck well.

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