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Originally Posted by Canadiens Fan View Post
You're defensive comparision almost entirely relies on offensive statistics. Of course, that is merely one aspect of being a blueliner. Let's look at the first pairings in totality, and not just one aspect.

All-Star selections

Zdeno Chara - First Team 2 times, Second Team 2 times
Ching Johnson - First Team 2 times, Second Team 2 times
Ebbie Goodfellow - First Team 2 times, Second Team 1 time
Doug Wilson - First Team 1 time, Second Team 2 times

Chara-Johnson = 8 all-star nominations
Goodfellow-Wilson = 6 all-star nominations

Hart Trophy Voting

Chara - 2004 (25th place), 2006 (19th place), 2008 (14th place), 2009 (8th place)
Johnson - 1928 (5th place), 1932 (2nd place)
Goodfellow - 1937 (3rd place), 1940 (1st place)
Wilson - 1982 (9th place)

Chara-Johnson = 6 Hart Trophy placements
Goodfellow-Wilson - 3 Hart Trophy placements
Some of those defensemen received so few Hart trophy votes that they're hardly meaningful.

2004 - 3 votes out of a possible 1,050
2006 - 4 votes out of a possible 1,290
2008 - 4 votes out of a possible 1,340

1982 - 6 votes out of a possible 315

In all four cases we're looking at less than 2% of the maximum available votes. This is hardly meaningful and mostly likely happened because 1-2 voters gave Chara & Wilson a last-place vote. My "revised" number would give the Chara-Johnson pair a 3-2 (rather than a 6-3) advantage in years as a Hart candidate.


I have a newspaper article from the Globe & Mail, on April 20th, 1933, page 12, which implies that the three best defensive defensemen in the league (in no particular order) are Johnson, Clancy and Hitchman.

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