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12-15-2004, 08:33 PM
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You guys are ALL crazy. I think goalie is without a doubt the most fun position to play. Posts is boring. Goalie is fun. I love playing goalie. You can do so much. You can play your style, reflex, make something new up, etc. Just watch a bunch of hockey and have fun trying to mimic those guys, thats what i do when i'm bored.

I dunno, i play for money so i have the drive to make saves and such. If we only have two people outside of me we either do one on one's or 2 forwards trying to score on me. Or just me and another person they just try to score. IF i make 10 straight saves i get a buck, if they score 5 straight goals they get a buck. Rather fun, especially since i'm up 12 bucks so far this year.

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