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Originally Posted by Sturminator View Post

It seems strange to me that Tremblay has had a reputation on this board for playing poor defensive hockey - even to the point that Devil questioned not whether or not he was an effective #1 defenseman, but whether or not he belonged on a first pairing, at all. For those of us who saw Tremblay play (I am old enough to remember him in his last couple of years in Montreal), such statements are mindboggling, but they seem to have been accepted as fact around here for some time. At any rate, it is hard to imagine that the Habs could have won 5 Cups with Tremblay as their #1 defenseman if he hadn't been very good in his own zone.
While I wouldn't have Tremblay as a no.1 in this thing, he's certainly good enough for a 1st pairing, and having him on a 2nd pairing would be either pure overkill, or having guys that would blend better together AND a really great no.1

Example : If I had Eddie Shore, Lionel Hitchman, Jean-Claude Tremblay and whoever from the 200+ range (for the sake of the example, let's say Jack Crawford), i'd certainly have the first two on my 1st paring and the last two on my 2nd.

Because Shore and Hitchman did well together. A I could certainly see a guy like Crawford playing well with Tremblay. And because it wouldn't make much sense to have Hitchman and Crawford playing together for 20 minutes.

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