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11-28-2009, 10:30 PM
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Sooooo........finally home from a very long and wonderful day.

Will keep this short and sweet, but will answer any questions that anyone has.

Had a great time doing the broadcast, and would love to do it again. Have met Sherry on a few occasions, and we get on very well. We had a nice moment at the end of the first talking about the recent Springsteen tour(she's a HUGE fan, like me).

As far as the interview went, I basically ended up answering very pointed questions by Matt during the entire 2nd period. I'm sure that he has them scripted for each of the contest answers, which is very understandable. Was hoping to do a couple of shoutouts, but there really wasn't much time allowed to do so(my mic was cut off during game play). I told them prior to the broadcast about the fact that my wife is a Rangers season ticket holder, and he tried to ask me about that during the broadcast, but we got interrupted TWICE due to Devils goals. So I told him he could interrupt me any time as long as it amounted to Devils goals being scored. Heh.

Other questions asked were about my length of time as a Devils fan(since inception, though I was an Islanders fan before that, which made today pretty special); who my favorite Islanders player growing up was(Bob Bourne); what made me become a Devils fan(Jersey pride, though the Islanders will always have a special place in my heart; also, being a proud Essex County resident who's always wanted to see Newark grow into a prospering city). I was asked who my favorite current Devils players were. I answered Parise and Clarkson(and those who know me know that I've never been a big Clarkson fan until recently. I thought his skills were limited, but he's worked hard, continued to improve, and proven me very, VERY wrong!!!).

And finally, I was asked who my favorite all time Devils players was. I gave two answers, representing cup years and non-cup years: Scott Stevens and.......who else.....DOUG BROWN!!! I was really psyched after I gave that answer to hear Sherry say, "What a great answer." And I knew immediately exactly why Sherry knew why I liked Doug Brown, which I went on to explain. She kept nodding to the reasons that I was giving, and I felt somewhat vindicated.

Anyway, I had a phenomenal time today. Sherry, Matt and the rest of the Devils staff could not have treated me any better. I'm sorry that I didn't get the shout-outs out today. The time I had was limited, but I did have you all in mind during the broadcast. For what it's worth, I did tell Sherry that Cowbell232 said hello, to which she replied, "Tell Cowbell and Cowbell's father that I say hello as well." For those of you who criticize Sherry, all I have to say is: Sit in my shoes like I did today, and you'll appreciate the job she does even more. She's a top notch pro, one of the best, and I'm glad she works for the Devils. And, let's face it, she's a pioneer, and I was fortunate enough to sit next to her today, the game after she made history. How lucky am I? Very.

Thank you again Jeff, Mike, Lou, Matt, Sherry, Lou and the rest of the Devils team(I must admit that I'm forgetting the name of the Devils statistician who was really cool). Would do it again in a heartbeat.


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