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12-16-2004, 01:05 PM
Lionel Hutz
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It is very interesting, and nice to get a little clarification on this. However, a one real shortcoming I see in this article is that he gives no evidence supporting his claim that it is no problem in Ontario and Alberta. No lawyer quoted there. My specialty is not labour law, but this flies in the face of what I know of labour law in those provinces. I'm not saying for a second that I know the law in those provinces well enough to say it 100% can't happen, but I do know the law well enough to say that it is less than a slam dunk.

And a question for the american law experts here- I have an admittedly limited understanding of US administrative law, but isn't the NRLB at least somewhat bound by stare decis? The idea that a board can just go off in a brand new direction for reasons of political appointment is very possible, but it just seems ridiculous to me.

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