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11-29-2009, 05:41 PM
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Originally Posted by JerseyRangers View Post
I think Fitzy's hate for Avery is clouding his judgement. First off their was a clear slew foot attempt by Fedetenko on Avery. Maybe, just maybe, Avery is getting sick and tired of being cheapshotted on every occasion with the refs turning their backs. Maybe he finally said the heck with it I'm going to go after this turd. My only regret is that he didn't drive Fedetenko's head into the ice ala Bertuzzi on Moore.

The NHL is allowing teams to take shots on Ranger players time and time again without any penalties being called. Sure they will hand out suspensions afterwards but that doesn't serve as any sort of deterrent. Want proof? Look no further than Betts in the playoffs and Drury this season. Both suffered concussions, neither time was a player penalized and both times the NHL issued suspensions after the incident. WHO THE F CARES????

Personally, on Monday I would send out Voros and Brashear with the instructions to drive Crybaby's or Lurches head into the boards from behind. I don't care if they are concussed or not. After the slew foot attempt and the flying Matt Cooke check, a message needs to be sent by the Rangers. We've spent too many years turning the other cheek!
I think you forgot your foil hat. Idk what the big deal is, it sucks that Anisimov may be hurt, but I don't think Cooke intended to hit him in the head. He drove up into the hit but Anisimov is listed as 6'4" Cooke is 5'11", his hands were down and he didn't leave his feet. His reputation makes people think otherwise though. he shouldn't be suspended.

Comparing Avery/Fedotenko to Bertuzzi/Moore is pretty ridiculous. It was gutless move by Avery...but what else would you expect from him, He took a direct shot at Crosby's head too. O well nothing came from it. I didn't see a slew foot attempt by Feds but maybe he did, idk hard to tell, its hard to believe someone would attack someone from behind without reason, but since it was Avery, with his reputation, it makes it a possibility.

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