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09-22-2003, 09:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Pipo
i don't think it's the mark of a bad leader to want to play as many minutes as possible... i believe a great leader should want as many minutes as he can get... he should believe he is capable of doing well and would leave everything out on the ice...

the problem with messier's minutes is the coaching... the coaches need to cut back his time... until they do, i think a leader should continue to log as many minutes as is being given...

i wouldn't want a leader to say, "nah, i'm not going out for that extra shift, i'm 40+, i got nothing in the tank"... that's a coward, not a leader...

i could understand the bashing if messier has refused to play the roll that the coaches and gm have given him... but the fact is, i don't think that the coach/gm has ever given him a reduced role... and that is where the problem is...

if messier had been told to take a reduced role and refused, then why would sather bring him back?... the problem is sather believes he can do more than mess can at this point...

that's the problem... don't blame mark for the coaches' blunders...

I agree with what you're saying. However, Mark should also know when he's hurting the team or helping. And if the coaching is too screwed up to realize Mark isn't the best option, then Messier should say something. But, he plods along, devouring ice time and taking a spot from a younger player.
Things have gotten so bad that everyone is a target for the fans' wrath. No one is safe. I mean, we bashed Wayne Gretzky for chrissakes. Hehehehe

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