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11-30-2009, 12:15 AM
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Originally Posted by LordStanleysMug View Post
A lot of baby's on this thread, and a lot of bias as well. This hit was no different than the Richards hit on Booth. If anything, people should be *****ing about how ridiculous the league is for suspending Cooke after clearly setting an example that this was acceptable with Richards.

Second thing, enough of this juvenile "someone should hit Crosby or Malkin from behind into the boards crap". Grow up. It's a game. There are rules. Boarding someone is illegal. While probably not healthy for the game, it is NOT currently illegal to throw a hit to somebody's head as per the current rule book. Don't know why people keep whining about how Cooke should have been suspended since it was a head shot.

Does it really make people feel cool to call opposing players such unoriginal nick names as Crysby or Lurch? Are there really that many high schoolers on these boards?

And finally, jumping somebody from behind is classless and cowardly. It's laughable how it has been suggested that Fedetenko was at fault for actually playing hockey and trying to block a shot with his skate, while in doing so supposedly running into that side show number 16. Apparently people do not know what a slew foot is. It's not clipping somebody's back skate. Its simultaneously using your upper body as leverage to send the opposing players upper body backwards, while using your leg to take out his feet. Nothing like this occurred in that game.
Head shots are something that need to be addressed by the league, imo. I understand hockey is a violent sport, but concussions aren't just "a bad headache." They can be life altering.

I think everyone is pissed at the league for their inconsistency with these types of calls by the league and their handling of suspensions, fines, etc, etc.

Everybody that aren't Pens fans call Crosby all sorts of names. They're a division rival, he's their best player, of course people are going to make fun of him. Go yell at the Devils fans who call Hank "The Queen" while your at it.

Most here won't defend Avery, that was stupid of him to do.

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