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11-30-2009, 12:38 AM
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I'm not opposed to an offensive style. I think you can win with it. But my real problem with Victoria was Bure and Bobrov on the same team, in key roles. I don't think you can win with two guys like that on your team who just don't show up in your own end.

The lineup change with them on different lines was an improvement, but it still left Victoria in a position where you want Forsberg and Richard to get the offensive situations, but you have to get Bure and Bobrov offensive situations as well.

Here's how I imagine a series of shifts going for Victoria's forwards. Ruff is calling the second line to get off the ice, but Bure has to take it in for one last rush as his linemates change. He takes a shot, which misses wide far side, and then coasts back to the bench as Tidewater moves the puck down the ice and gains the zone. The teams battle for the puck down low. A Cougars defenceman gets the puck out high on the left side...but Bobrov isn't there, he's circling at centre ice! The puck remains in their end as Tidewater presses, until Thompson stops a shot and holds on for a face-off. Out come Forsberg and Richard...with the puck in their own end, again. They'll get the puck out after 20 seconds in their end, giving them a chance off the rush and a bit of possesion in Tidewater's end, but then they have to get off the ice. Maybe one of these shifts they'll get to start a shift with the puck going north or with the puck in the other team's end. Hopefully that shift won't be too far away - Ruff needs to get Bure and Bobrov to keep their shifts under a minute.

I thought Bure and Bobrov pushed Victoria over the edge from all-out offensive play to train wreck. I would have liked the Cougars much better with either Bure, Bobrov, or both replaced by wingers who can play in their own end and don't need to be the offensive focus.

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