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11-30-2009, 09:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
I really don't think the backup goalie is the most pressing issue here. Yeah, Vally got lit up in the 3rd, but our team was awful. If Vally was capable of keeping the team in it during a game like that, he'd be a starter somewhere, not a career backup.

We're a team with 2/3rds of a 1st line, a struggling Vezina caliber goalie, a highly overrated coach at the helm, and a very, very young defensive core. I think most people realized that this season would live and die by Gaborik's groin and how consistent Hank would be. Well, we've seen Hank is struggling again and while Gaborik has held up in terms of health, having him be shutdown by the other team isn't much different that having him out of the lineup.

This team is dying for some legitimate secondary scoring. I really could care less whether or not that scoring comes from a gritty power forward type, or a perimeter skill player. We need it, and need it badly. Still, I look at this team and have to wonder whether or not it's wise to spend assets to acquire those pieces.

Would I welcome Ray Whitney, Alex Frolov, or David Backes to the team? Sure. But are any of those guys going to make us cup contenders? Well, short of getting all of them for next to nothing, I seriously doubt it.

Frankly, I'm not holding out hope for Tortorella to turn things around. He's far too stubborn to play a conservative style and I have my doubts that this mindset will lead us to the playoffs at all, let alone beyond the 1st round.

My suggestion to Torts: Take this as a transition year. Take some of the pressure off of the players and let them adjust to your "the best defense is no defense at all" strategy. Continue to rotate rookies into the lineup for a few games here and there and learn as much as you can about our prospects. For a head coach, you're pretty damn clueless when it comes to what you have at your disposal outside of the immediate roster.

My advice to Sather: Buy low. See if you can acquire guys like the aforementioned David Backes, or perhaps Peter Mueller. Guys that have the upside but could do with a change of scenery and are members of teams that need a shakeup. We have (hopefully) 5 years of a healthy Gaborik in his prime. Aim for having the last 3 years be the ones where we really start to compete. At that point, we should be rid of a couple big contracts-- even if you can't manage to trade them away between now and then-- and our promising rookies should have had some solid NHL experience under their belts. Then you can dance in the field of free agency and add a player that will actually help us.

Just my opinion.
Good synopsis of the situation, especially regarding Torts.

For the record, I dont think he is much of a "hockey mind" at all. Hes more of a motivator than anything.

For the last month+, he sure doesnt seem to be motivating anybody. And the system theyre playing, whatever that might be right now, needs some serious tweaking.

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