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Originally Posted by Hedberg
In a 6 team NHL, you have better quality team mates, but also harder competition while in a 21-26 team NHL you have lesser quality team mates, but also easier competition.
Easier competition is very debatable. Average playerd from O6 era is not even close to average player from Linden's era. And Linden had to compete against more star/elite players than Toppazzini.
Also there are far more people trying to make the NHL, from all over the World, not just Canada or US.

Originally Posted by Hedberg View Post
I'd still rather have Tocchet than Lemieux. They played in similar era (Lemieux 87-03, Tocchet 85-02), so they're stats are comparable and Tocchet was a better offensive player. Lemieux has 0.67 playoff points per game compared to Tocchet's 0.77 playoff points per game. Obviously Lemieux has a Conn Smyth, but it came in a year where in the regular season he had 19 points in 45 games. In the regular season, Tocchet had 0.83 points per game while Lemieux had a 0.64 points per game. Lemieux's peak was 41 goals and 68 points in 92 while Tocchet's peak was 48 goals and 109 points. He put up 40 three times, twice on the Flyers. Lemieux scored 40 once. I don't think one Conn Smythe is enough to make Lemieux better. In "intangibles," they're about even. Lemieux was a one of the best agitators while Tocchet was one of the best power forwards.
Lemieux was better than Tocchet in playoffs, despite the 0.1 PPG difference or whatever. Why? Because he scored big goals in big games, it is not just a question of how many goals you score, when you score them is important too.
His Conn Smythe means he is capable of being the best player on a Stanley Cup champion, that has got to count for something.
As for Tocchet's 100+ points season, he only scored so much because of Super Mario.

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