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Originally Posted by Jeds2StepOpus View Post
Trying to kick someone's skate out from behind, is close enough. And it's interesting the puck was already headed the other way, which Fedotenko clearly saw occuring and he still followed through with his skate, in kicking out Avery's leg.

But don't let that get in the way of your Penguin orgasm.

As usual, a Penguins' "fan" finds no wrong doing by any of his Penguin players. Oh dear, I'm so shocked

I know one thing for sure, if both those events occured with the roles completely reversed; Penguins' "fans" and Mario......would be storming the league offices screaming bloody murder and delivering such a dramatic and emotional "We're Victims" performance to the league and any media outlet they could find; that Hollywood would load up the Oscar and drive it Pittsburgh.

In other news, I see you're not so above it all. Couldn't even refrain from calling Avery a sideshow. This coming from a "fan" of a team that had Jarko Ruttu, The King Of Dirty, Cowardly Hits and Stick Work; wearing the Penguins jersey for two seasons, And you pumped your chest out and cheered wildly everytime Jarko Ruttu delivered yet another one of his dangerous, cowardly hits.

Something Seasn Avery doesn't really do. And has rarely done in his career.

I guess your lovely, little rant was just another example of the typical Penguins "fan" verbal diarrhea.
Why am I all of a sudden a Penguin fan. I have been a Ranger fan since 1989. Just because I try to look at things as objectively as possible doesn't mean I cant be a Ranger fan? Does it? I'm starting to think the majority of Ranger fans think supporting their team simply means twisting and distorting the truth in order to defend mediocrity and embarrassing antics.

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