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12-16-2004, 08:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Sather Hater
But broken hands etc are not something that can be avoided, they are usually just a fluke or bad timing, you can't blame him for that. If some of the player's on the Rangers roster gave 110% every night like York does, instead of skating around like a bunch of figure skaters we would probably see some more broken bone injuries, because that's what happens when you actually block shots, etc.

He was an extremely versatile player and I still think it was the worst move Sather made (out of many bad ones). For a team that has trouble keeping the puck out of their own net, to trade their best penalty killer for a defenseman who has no clue what to do in his own end.
Having a player who is good for 40 games doesn't make you a better team. The poti-York trade was about too talented players who had very big drawbacks. Period end of sentence.

With Poti you get a defenseman who can help on the powerplay and can play very good for a stretch. The downside is that he plays with no heart.

With York you get 100% heart but a guy who simply cannot stand up to the NHL rigors over an 80 game schedule.

The injuries with York are more than shot blocking, hard hitting injuries. Even when he's played without a serious injury the fact remains he simply breaks down at the midway point of the season.

While one cant help injuries, you also cannot discount them either. Mike York has played in this league for several years now and every year it is the same thing, his body simply cannot handle the wear and tear of the full season.

His effort is wonderful and I miss that, but the fact also remains that in order to win a cup you need guys to play in the spring time. Which is why I agree with Kodiak in that i think Rangers fans miss because he hustled and because this organization hasn't produced much in the past few year rather than what he actually was.

For the record though I personally don't think Poti or York are guys you build a championship team around. The whole debate over which is better is a mute point to me because they both have too serious of flaws {Though different} that prevent them from being guys who i'd include in the core of a group i wanted to take to the next level.

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