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12-16-2004, 08:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Puck
I'm also wondering if players of Canadian teams would be subject to the same provisions in an imposed US collective agreement. If they haven't signed it that is and it is imposed by NLRB decisions.

It is a good pressure tactic to tell NHL players that if they don't come to an agreement, the league can go to a Republican appointed Labor Board and they'll all be forced to work under these new rules. But if the NHLPA, representing NHL players in Canadian teams, doesn't accept this agreement, then US NLRB rules may not apply in Canada.
There's a good article in the UBC Law Review which implies that it may not be legal.

So I'm just wondering if in 2006, you could have players in 24 US teams operating under different rules compared to players in 6 Canadian clubs. It would be funny if the various Canadian provincial labour relations boards came to different conclusions as the US board....
I'm still mystified as to how the Canadian labour relations boards can claim jurisdiction. It blows my mind.

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