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11-30-2009, 07:01 PM
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Originally Posted by BleedsBlueforNYR View Post
Man for someone pointing out bias, you sure sound an awful lot like a pens fan.

Finally, Avery and Fedotenko. Was Avery wrong for jumping him from behind? Absolutely. Was Avery wrong for being upset? No. Here is where the bias sets in so I'm gonna attempt to be as neutral as possible: consider the context - team is getting blown out badly and Avery's probably none too pleased at the situation. Fedotenko for whatever reason (slewfooting or "blocking a shot" as you say) makes contact with Avery's skate in a swiping motion. What would you do? I'd be pretty pissed honestly, even if the contact was accidental because you know what, that's just the way things were in that game. It was physical, gritty, and bitter -- you don't often give people the benefit of the doubt in those situations.

Oh and boarding someone from behind with the intent to injure is most certainly unacceptable behavior and I think many of us don't truly want that to happen. People say things in the heat of passion that they otherwise wouldn't say and this seems to be one of those situations.

Go back to Pittsburgh, thanks.
I totally agree with the first point. For someone that claims to be a Rangers fan he certainly seems biased. But then again maybe thats how prepubescent teens act these days.

As to what Avery did -- given how many times he's been hacked, boarded and everything else this season without any calls from the refs he behaved like many of us would.

To the last point. I still wanna see Crybaby or Lurch checked headfirst into the boards. For as many liberties that teams in the league have taken with Rangers players its time to do something thats going to catch everyones attention. What better way then splattering Crybaby into the boards. Bet you that would make everyone think twice the next time someone wanted to plant an elbow on any Rangers players. Three times in the last 30 or so games the Rangers have seen one of our players concussed or close to concussed with dirty hits. Time to make a statement. You take out Buttman's love child and everyone will take notice!

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