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11-30-2009, 08:07 PM
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Originally Posted by maci4life View Post
couldn't you just flip the stick over and insert the blade into the handle part, then cut off the broken blade to whatever point and tape it up to be your new handle and knob?
The stick is probably a tapered shaft though and this would not be a good idea to do that. It would change the whole kickpoint in the shaft as well and be more like a standard shaft at the bottom with a skinny handle end.

I know I would rather just find a way to use a tapered replacement blade like the OP wants to and try to make the thing work as close as possible to when it was not broken.

I'm glad I use a two piece setup for this reason, costs less when you need to replace a blade and the performance is just about the same as a one piece .... more or less.

Some NHL guys today are using 2 piece setups so it isn't cheaping out sacrificing anything. My opinion on the matter anyway as it works for me. then agin I have never purchased a one piece so if I did someday i might freak out and love them more.

Who knows.

Good luck to the OP in getting this to work for him at least.

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