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12-17-2004, 12:17 AM
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What a joke. The PA complains that the NHL doesn't tell the truth with numbers? Here's a case where Goodenow is flat out lying through his teeth.

He's trying to claim the NHL will maintain the revenue increases of the last few years, when absolutely everything has changed. The expansion funds are gone, there are no more expansion revenues coming in. The newness factor has already started to wear off in the expansion markets, and crowds are down, now based on performance. Almost everybody already has their new building, so that's closed off. The television revenues are massively reduced, with the new NBC deal.

And then immediately after saying "We are not saying that revenues will grow by 9.4%" and they believe that 7.8% is far more accurate, he has the gall to then calculate "corrections" to the NHL proposal using the 9.4%.

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