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11-30-2009, 09:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
Hmmm, does sound interesting and there is quite a lot of logic in your arguments. The question is, despite Gainey saying he and TB ownership are on good terms now, would they go into another mid-season discussion, and then, Lecavalier, would he still be willing to come to Montreal? He has the upper hand now on both the Habs and TB, especially TB. And then Gomer...

Although I hate Vinny's contract, a 100 times more than I hate Gomer's, This would definetly make the Habs pretty nasty once Markov comes back... Vinny with Gio and either SK or Pouliot or Pac, and keep the AK-Cam-Plex line.... that'd be sweet. A better defensive center might also fit better on TB's second line behind Stamkos. I think both teams would be upgraded this way, not in the sense of talent, but for needs, both financially and for playing roles on both teams.

If ever Gainey would to pull this off, all that would remain would be for injured players to come back, and then make cap space to accomodate guys like Plex who will get the biggest raise (around 2-2,5), and SK and Price who will require smaller raises. And sign Markov in July. With a lot of youngsters rolling in, several old contracts going out, we would have the needed rotation of cap space to be able to keep this team's core intact for several years, with small tweaks along the way.
Ironically enough, Pierre McGuire and Tony Marinaro both said on the Team 990 that Vinny is very upset with Tampa's GM and Owners, along with the fact that he doesn't fit Tocchet's system, and vice versa.

Would make an interesting week if we did get Vinny before the centennial season ends. Thing is could Vinny give more than Gomez? can vinny be a 90-100 point player in Montreal? I duno. Neither can Gomez mind you.

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