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09-22-2003, 10:11 AM
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Originally Posted by garry1221
the wings would not die before trading w/ the avs ... especially if it means getting cujo off our hands, however this deal is too far off valuewise

Wings get: comrie laraque lose: zetterberg, cujo

avs get: cujo, cross bergeron lose: morris

oil get: zetterberg, morris lose: comrie, laraque, cross, bergeron

now correct me if im wrong, but only comrie and laraque could have any significant value right now excuse my lack of knowledge of bergeron, haven't heard enough about him and cross is ....well, cross

the wings make a lateral move IMO w/ zetts for comrie, but we lose cujo's contract, the only upside there

the avs get their big name goalie yet weaken their D

oil make out like bandits by getting zetts and morris ... as i said i see zetts and comrie as a lateral move, but morris would be a huge addition for them,

BIG NO from wings and avs

I really don't see that. When you lay out the trades like that it looks very even.

In essensce, The Wings get Comrie and Laraque for Zetterberg since they likely won't be playing Cujo too much this year, along with dumping an $8 Million contract.

The Oilers get a mostly lateral move in Zetterberg, although I still think Comrie has a bit more potential upside offensively and an upgrade on their D.

The Avs get the goalie they need to make a serious cup run and some back up D to help along the way. You really think Morris is worth more the all 3 of those others? Cujo is a top 5 goalie and could be traded straight up for Morris in my mind. Morris was traded for Drury last year and is Drury really more valuable to the Avs then Cujo? I don't think so..

I really think this is a well balanced trade...

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