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11-30-2009, 10:40 PM
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Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
Well, regardless of why the players aren't grasping the system, it's clear that they're I think something needs to change. It seems like we've regressed in terms of being able to execute what Torts wants. I think he should consider being more flexible and allowing guys to play in a system that they're a bit more comfortable with. I see it as trying to jam a square peg into a round hole right now.

It's like when an NFL coach comes in and decides to switch to a 3-4, when his team was playing a 4-3 and playing it fairly well. You can say, "Oh, well if our linebackers could make some tackles, and if our NT could shed some blocks like he usually does, we'd be okay," but there's a bigger problem...the LBs can't make any tackles because they're getting picked off by lineman, and your former stud of a DT can't shed blockers because he's being doubled now. And maybe your 3-4 defense is a simple 3-4 scheme, with just a few basic sets, something that shouldn't be terribly hard to grasp--well, you simply don't have the proper personnel to run the system. You have guys that could be good when playing in their comfort zone, and you have a NT that can be dominant if he's not getting double- and triple-teamed all the time, but it aint happening because you insist on running out of a 3-4 all game long.

That looks more and more like an aberration with each passing day.
but im not sure what youre advocating here. Go to a 1-4? a 1-2-2? a 1-1-3? We DEFINITELY do not have the team for that. A team that plays that kind of a game is big, strong, aggressive, mean, nasty...that is the antithesis of this team.

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