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09-22-2003, 10:14 AM
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DID NO ONE SEE ME SAY DANRIK's PROPOSAL SHOULD BE THE NEW FOUNDATION FOR THE DEAL AS IT IS BETTER BALANCED.from which all counter proposals and criticizm should be directed at and from that criticizm, put forth a new deal which then becomes the new standard until a new consensus can be reached, till the deal is equally beneficial for all parties.Second if everyone hates the deal so much why do u keep bumping it instead of letting it float into obscurity.Lastly, whether or not Colorado and Detroit would sleep together for mutual benefit is something to be hotly debated but I think both would consider it if they think it could put them both well above the competition leaving it really only a 2horse race to the cup. I must agree with the Avs fans in that maybe Detroit should get the short end of the stick since they only have about 2-3options of where to move him(more with greater brunt of salary) while the avs have maybe 5-6options of goalies of relatively close value to Cujo.

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