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12-01-2009, 12:10 AM
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Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post
An S17 has an elliptical taper. The ONLY way to fit a blade in there is to flip it. I would be very surprised if easton didn't plan that. The s19 apparently is rectangular inside and you can put a tapered blade in, but not the S17.

If you want to convert an S17 to a tapered two piece, sorry but you're SOL.
I personally havnt done this but i have seen guys turn there R10's into two pieces. They said they had to flip it though. I dont use two-piece sticks and i have never even thought about doing this, would rather just go get a new one. My R10 is about to go, i can feel it, was wondering what you though, you seem very knowledgable about stick mods.

If it is possible was thinking about shoving a Jovanovski blade, have been wanting to try that pattern for a while.

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