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12-01-2009, 01:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Inferno272 View Post
Chris Drury, career 25+ goal scorer
Always played with better players, whether in Colorado or Buffalo, then he has as a New York Ranger. Was often the least or second-least talented player on each team's power play, both of which were quite good.

Has never had the ability to create offense for himself consistently. Has never been a skill player. Is essentially a third line center at this point in his career unless playing with very capable and creative wingers.

Ryan Callahan, scored 20+ goals last year
Needs someone to get the puck to him in good scoring situations. Rarely capable of doing it for himself. Not a top 6 forward on a contending team.

Chris Higgins, career 20+ goal scorer.
Has always, especially since last season, needed...basically the same thing. A playmaker.

Those 3 you pencil in for 65 goals combined right? Right now they are on pace to score 25 combined goals.

Take 40 goals off the top of any team and I bet you they will look a lot weaker than they actually are. If you can get just those 3 guys going at a very reasonable rate that they have proven over their careers that they can produce at, the Rangers go from the 14th ranked offense to the 2nd ranked offense in the league.

This team has the talent, when you factor in that Gaborik is playing out of his mind, but those 3 guys struggling as they are has really hurt this team.
If you penciled them in for 65 goals prior to the season, that's your bad. What about this team made you think they'd get 65 goals? There's no one to pass them the puck!

This team has NO talent outside of Gaborik, Prospal, Del Zotto, Gilroy, and Dubinsky. Everyone else on this team is a grinder, doesn't have enough talent to be a force, or simply doesn't belong in this league.

Those are the only skill players on this team. That is pathetic. These are people with real hands, real speed, real moves, and the capacity to put those tools together on a regular basis and make things happen in the offensive end. Something a character like Lisin, for example, does not seem to have the capacity to do. None of the others are liable to do that, either.

This is a lottery team with a superstar forward and a superstar goalie who isn't playing his best hockey (but is HARDLY this team's biggest problem, I might add). This team, for the second straight season, despite a revamped roster, is one of the league's least-talented teams. We undoubtedly have a more talented player than we had last year in Gaborik as compared to Zherdev or Gomez, but collectively, we may actually have less talent this season than we did last. Pathetic. And frankly, outside of maybe 06-07, this team has been one of the league's least talented teams every season since the lockout.

And the reason for this is also pathetic, yet so simple. We don't know how to manage a budget! The team does not seem to understand the basic fundamental concepts of how to run a business, much like Kotalik doesn't seem to understand the basic fundamental concepts of how to play smart positional hockey. That's probably a good reason not to sign a player like him, but our team doesn't seem to understand that players like him are not part of the solution. He's just the latest in a tremendously long line that starts a decade ago.

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