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Originally Posted by NYRangers1388 View Post
I have a feeling on this season, and it is as follows:

Our team has flaws, as does every team. Our flaws are greater than most in that we lack true secondary scoring and we lack a solid defense.

However, teams can win, or at least be competitive with flaws. We all saw this in the past 3 years, where we at least made the playoffs and got to the 2nd round.

In reality, this year's team is a whole lot like teams in the years past. We really have never had solid defense men, and with guys like Kotalik and Ozolinsh, we had pretty big holes. We have lacked secondary scoring for at least 2 seasons, if not 3. Yet in the past we were able to be competitive. Why?

The difference: the system. I think there are interesting things here. First, let's make some assumptions which seem to be popular.

1. Renney's system may be too defensive minded to really win a Stanley Cup.
2. Torts's systems may have that offensive push to it which can bring home a Cup as in Tampa.

This may be right...however, what is going on is that while Renney's system covered up and blocked our team's holes and flaws, Tortorella's exacerbates the problems.

Renney's defense-first mindset allowed our key guys (think Jagr=Gaborik, Straka/Nylander/Zherdev=Prospal, etc) to score 2 goals and for us to still consistently win hockey games. By being solid on defense and not exposing our goaltender, we were able to capitalize on the advantage that lundqvist gives us. Lundy with the corrent defensive support is a Vezina goaltender. Without that defensive support, it is clear that he can be exploited.

This is what is wrong with Tort's system. It's not that his system is bad; in fact, I think it is great. I love the idea of the offense being hte main focus and of defense joining the rush etc. However, it is a terrible system for this roster. What it does is expose our half of the ice and our goaltender. In giving the opposition time and space on 2 on 1s and from the slot, Lundqvist's weaknesses are exploited and we are scored on quite a bit. Suddenly 2 or 3 goals are not enough to win...and unfortunately 2 or 3 goals is all that our team is capable of producing.

To offer an analogy: It is almost like we have a Ferrari (Tort's high paced, fast, powerful offensive strategy) yet we lack the crucial engine parts and the oil which are necessary to keep it running and running smoothly. Without the necessary parts, that Ferrari is just a shell of a car.

Likewise, without the necessary offensive pieces and defensive plugs, Tortorella's Ferrari of a system is doomed to fail. Could Tort's and his offense-first strategy bring NYC a cup? Yes. But can it do that with this current lineup? Absolutely not.

From this, it is clear that something has to change. Either the coaching has to change and Tort's has to understand this and focus on defense more, or the Roster has to be significantly altered.
Well said.. I agree with a lot of this... The system under Renney was defense first, while there seemed to be a lot of shots given up, it seemed the shots were not a lot of high scoring chances such as 2 on 1 and 3 on 2 and etc... This did not expose the goalie as much...

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