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12-01-2009, 10:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Yemack View Post
My previous comment wasn't really directed squarely at you but more like this never ending *****fest about the goalies among Wings fans.

I think some of you are taking things way too 'personal' when it comes to our goalies. It looks as if there is no middle ground but just two extremes. what was that line in StarWars 'only the sith deals w/ extremes'?

I've said alot of dumb things during the games so I shouldn't be the one talking about sensible things but....this is exactly what I meant. Some of you are overreacting on overreacting fans. So in a sense, it's just about the guys that share similar traits but just different ideas.

As for if Howard has it in him, it remains to be seen and I wish I'm 'dead wrong' about it. No offence to you jacK or anyone in Howard's camp.
i wasn't specifically talking about you either, i don't remember who exactly said the things i remember reading, only that they were said.
and i don't think there's been 2 extremes in the debate. (OT, i remember using the same Sith quote when i was new here... i'mma have to dig that one up for giggles.) there's been an extreme "Howie sucks, and needs to be stuffed in a suitcase and sent one-way to Budapest", and there's been a more rational "give him 30-40 games to round into form, then judge him and move accordingly." nobody here has been screaming from the mountain tops that he's our savior and #35 should be in the rafters next to #19, but there's plenty of people that have tied ankle weights to his career and threw it into the ocean abyss.
i also know there there have been subtle skeptics and dissenters, and that's fine, everyone here should be skeptical, he's still an unknown quantity. it's the blindly extreme dissent/hate that has been the loudest and needed a gut-check, and Howie has provided that.

Originally Posted by HockeyinHD View Post
Howard needs to prove he's a consistent NHL goaltender. He was terribly inconsistent at the AHL level. He has been solid his past three starts. The three before that he was mediocre. In his first 7 appearances he varied between solid and porous. His rebound control is still problematic, but he has avoided allowing too many charmin soft goals on the initial shot.

I think very few people have said Howard did not have NHL quality goaltending in him. This is a league where Steve Valiquette, Alex Auld and Vesa Toskala all have a job, among others. I think the larger concern about Howard was if he was going to be anything more than a career backup.

To date, he has had some games where glimmers of potential beyond that have been evident. In others, not so much. His ability to become a more consistent goaltender will be the largest factor in determining whether or not he's going to be anything more than a future journeyman, a Legace-lite if you will.
agreed, for the most part. he needs to prove some things, but he's got to get the chance to do so. the most boisterous of his doubters didn't want him to have that chance after 2-3 shaky early starts...
you didn't think he deserved a roster spot w/ his inconsistent AHL career. i know you didn't (don't) like the "give him some NHL starts, then we'll know what we've got" argument, but that's exactly what the Wings are doing... and it seems to be working just fine. nice to see you've come around to the "he needs prove he can be a consistent NHL goalie", an extension of the "give him some NHL starts, then we'll know what we've got" side of things

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