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12-01-2009, 12:00 PM
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Again, there is no secondary scoring. If Kotalik was such a "hit," why does Edmonton let him go? After all, they are, and always have been a run & gun team. As a matter of fact, so has Buffalo.

Lindsay Ruff (who is probably the best coach in the NHL) obviously does not think Kotalik is a 3 million dollar a year player. Again, idc about his hard slap shot from the point on the PP. His five on five is terrible and his plus/minus shows it. Even Malik was a +67 while he was here.

We have guys who can shoot the puck just fine on the point. It's more about getting rebounds (like Gaborik did last night) and getting tenacious bodies in front of the net to wear out "D" men, deflect shots and block the goal tender's ability to find the puck.

Antropov would have been terrific for this!!Instead he's playing great hockey in Atlanta with Kovalchuk (who praised Don Waddell for bringing him south, when he could have been here with Gaborik).

I think Antropov, Anisimov (2 big bodies with skill) and either Dubinsky, Callahan or Boyle would have at least given us a solid back to back first and second line. Also, I'm sure Antropov understands Russian as much as Zherdev of the Ukraine (how far from Russia is Kazakhstan any way?), and he speaks English quite well. Both players would want to get their games going in NY. Makes for a good bond on the road. A rookie out to prove he belongs and Antropov looking to prove himself while making a fresh new start in NY.

So Ruff and/or Regier thought that just a second round draft pick was all the team needed to send Kotalik to Alberta.They were right. Edmonton took a chance and gave up a 2nd rounder. But that's it? You may not even get a Korpikoski out of that.

In comparing last year's team to this year's team:

Last year we did not have a great top line, but (especially toward the end) we did have a lot of secondary scoring. For example:

Antropov > Kotalik (Nik is finally putting it together after a change of scenery which, was long over due).

Gomez = Prospal (looking at their overall stats, I'd say each player is about as good as the other. Prospal plays great for Tortorella. He's a "Torts" guy. ) Gomez was also the perfect play maker for guys like Nas, Callahan, Dawes and Prucha. Gomez has more speed. Prospal is more physical.

Zherdev > Higgins (offensively Zherdev and Naslund both are much more talented than Higgins. It showed on the stat sheet. Zherdev would have been racking up the assists and had been the perfect second punch after Gaborik's first).

Naslund > Lisin (I'm sure we all agree with this? As well as the rest of the players I had just mentioned). Without even bringing back either "Nik," who wouldn't want to see Naslund finish out his contract here in NY and rack up the same amount of goals as Kotalik and probably even more.

Dubinsky (we need him back). Had him last year although he didn't progress much until the end of the season.

Most of the NHL < Gaborik (Gaborik is a tremendous goal scorer. Right up there with anyone. Ovechkin is the only guy i would prefer over him. Without the groin issues, i take Gaborik over anyone. Or flip a coin between Alex "O" and him).

Two way forward play:

Did it get any better than having Betts and Sjostrom out there killing penalties. No way. We were number one on the PK!

Betts/Sjostrom > Boyle/Voros on that fourth line.

Our defense:

Both experience and physical play:

Last year's team > this year's team. (Sather still made a mistake. I said it back then. I wanted both Kurt Sauer and Mike Commmodore over softies like Rozsival and to a lesser extent, Redden). After all, maybe that's why people are questioning Lundqvist's play. He's got weakness in front of him.


Last year's team < this year's team (But I believe that our G.A. average is much higher because of the patience we need to have with MDZ, Gilroy, and Sangs as far as taking care of our own zone).

Goal tending

Same. Except I hope Lundqvist doesn't demand a trade to a winner.

I don't blame him. Look at his overall G.A.A. compared to Richter's immortalized # which, is hanging from the rafters from now until forever.

Anyone think Richter had a slightly better team in front of him with 5 hall of famer's in the lineup (Messier, Gartner, Leetch, Larmer who imo should be in if Anderson goes, and I think Zubov is deserving. Look at his stats compared to Scott Neidermayer's and make your own decision). And not to mention a stay at home kick ass defense man in "Beuk," a potential 1,000 pt player, 400 career goal scorer and the kid who's 1994 playoff run was "Peter Forsberg like." I'm speaking of Kovalev. And of course, a young 4th liner turned NYR great (Graves).

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