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12-01-2009, 01:00 PM
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Some excellent posts in this thread, including the ones from the Penguin and TB fan. I pretty much agree with these three key points...

1)We don't have the talent to play this offensive system successfully.
2)We don't have the talent to be a serious cup contender playing any system.
3)We will never be a serious cup contender until we get out from under the Drury, Redden and Rozy contracts.

So the question is, what do we do right now with the hand dealt to us? How does this current team play the best hockey they are capable of? The obvious answer would be to revert back to the defensive minded system we played under Renney and try to win low scoring games leaning on Henrik. We all know that isn't gonna happen though. Since it would be an admission of defeat on Torts and Slats part. Plus, if we started to play a defensive system the obvious question would be "then why is Torts still our coach since there are dozens of other coaches better suited to coach a defensive system."

So the only other option is to change the players. There was a key moment in Torts press conference after our first loss to the Penguins where he essentially said. "The reason I benched Lisin all game is because I didn't have anyone else to put in his place, if i did he would have been a healthy scratch". That to me is a not so subtle statement to Slats. "Get me new players, because these aren't gonna work".

So we have a coach who will live and die by his system no matter how obvious it is that his personnel can't handle it. Combined with a GM who can't get his coach any new players because he has the team pressed to the limits of the cap with his poor UFA signings. So we are in a hockey limbo.

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