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12-17-2004, 10:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Thunderstruck
Ticket prices will come down in the short-term to woo fans back. This is expecially true if they have to use replacement players and the NHLPA members willing to cross.

In the long term prices will rise to what the market will bear.
Ticke Prices will only come down in two scenarios.

1) In cities where owners can afford to lower prices, if the demand for tickets has sunk significantly because of the lockout, prices may come down short term.

2) In cities where owners had pegged ticket prices above the demand/supply juntion to meet salary costs, tickets could come down.

A salary cap will harm fans in cities who';ve supported their teams well enough to ice competitive teams.
A salary cap will help fans in cities who've supported their teams in markets that otherwise didn't have the economic backing (corporate help) to field competitive teams.

Nothing will help fans in tows where the team's management was inept (Chicago) or where hockey isn't on the radar screen (Carolina)

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