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Originally Posted by Leafs Forever View Post
Agreed, and it is something my top line will exploit. As good as Potvin is, he is one man. MEdicine Hat doesn't really have anyone else elite defensively (and with the tools necessary) to go up against my top line. And that's a weakness.
Down low, Rugalin can handle pretty much anybody. In open ice, he's in big trouble against Cyclone and Teemu.

Originally Posted by Leafs Forever View Post
Mortson's first AST says different, and I think he is better than Desjardins and Carlyle (and that I showed. Much tougher than either, better defensively than Carlyle, and I believe better offensively- but at this point, I'll let voters decide. At least I made an effort to show my guys better- and I think, made a fair arguement.)
Carlyle has a 1st AST too, and Desjardins has two 2nd ASTs.

Overall, I'd take Mortson first, but the other two are close behind.

Originally Posted by Leafs Forever View Post
A wash? You don't think Blake is the 2nd best all-time? I'd suggest taking a glance through the bio. The guy was an amazing coach; and he definetly had a big role in that dynasty.
I'd read the bio.

I think, like Bowman, he benefited greatly from having the best talent. He's a top-3 coach, but Hap Day is damn close to that as well.

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