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12-01-2009, 10:00 PM
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Down low, Rugalin can handle pretty much anybody. In open ice, he's in big trouble against Cyclone and Teemu.
Fair enough and agreed.

Carlyle has a 1st AST too, and Desjardins has two 2nd ASTs.

Overall, I'd take Mortson first, but the other two are close behind.
I was contesting that none of these guys were close to dominant. Mortson was dominant physicall if nothing else (but he was superb in the other facets of the game as well)

I'd read the bio.

I think, like Bowman, he benefited greatly from having the best talent. He's a top-3 coach, but Hap Day is damn close to that as well.
Hap Day had talent as well. As noted, he was a dominant coach; called a mastermind.

Originally Posted by jareklajkosz View Post
The thing about Blake isn't ONLY the fact that he won 8 cups in 13 years or so. It's the fact that he won them as a coach with so many superstar egos to tame, and he managed to keep them all happy. He was a complete psychological mastermind genius. He could have a profound impact on any man that talks to him, and that is his asbolute number one biggest strength - the size of the ego didn't matter, he still squeezed every ounce of effort out of every single one of his players. The stats will never show that.
Agreed. He was known to be able to keep the fiery Richard under control- and if he can do that he can handle almost any temper. He can drive a bunch of personalities be a mastermind strategist and psychological genius and affect players. He is truly worth of being considered a top-2 coach all-time.

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