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Concluding thoughts, the chemistry and cohesiveness

I think my many comparisons have shown that my guys are better in pretty much every position to my opponents counterpart other than two; Second line C and no.1#D (perhaps fourth line RW..but that is a rather insignigant role) .

My top line, as mentioned, is aboslutely destructive. Taylor, the "cyclone" rusher who was the fastest guy of his days and the excellent playmaker that can also snipe very well; Selanne, the finnish flash who is also very fast, is an excellent goalscorer who can also pass pretty well. And Toe Blake, the "quick" glue guy who is also a very good balanced scorer and is definetly ahead of the pack in first line LW's, a tough guy who has all the tools to win this guy the puck. Outside of Potvin, my opponent lacks the elite defensive guy to take these guys on. They are going to light it up big time in this series, and are a big edge over the line featuring Gary Roberts, who is one of the worst first liners offensively, Max Bentley, who is really an average centre, and Rick Middleton, a lower-tier first line RW whose offensive accomplishments weren't very good.

Second lines, I think I showed my wingers better; Fleury is an aboslutely great playoff performers who bests, I think, St.Louis's short peak. Brian Sutter, although a good intangible guy, wasn't necessary for his line with Lach and Harris, the skilled playmaking speed guy from the PCHA, is much better offensively- and although a myster in intangibles, his offense gets him the win. Lach I won't argue Weiland against; I'll just say I am glad I'll have Weiland, a great two-way guy who can defend well, and Laprade, a great defensive player to play against Lach most of the time.

Fleury has the grit, I think, necessary to play the puckwinner role. Not the ideal size, but I think he can play it; but these lines will definetly score well on the rush and transition, with more speed, skill, and stickhandling abilities.

Third lines are another mismatch; Walker is the best defensivew forward by far on this series. Roberts and Sutter are rather poor offensive guys for the linrs they are playing on, and Walker, a guy described as defending Morenz very well, won't have much problems against the relatively weak RW's Medicine Hat has in their top-6, making Roberts and Sutter the primary offensive support guys to Medicine Hat's centres- not good. And when this line goes up against his top-6, his two centres really become one-men shows offensively, and have to go up against Laprade, a great defensive centre. Gilles Tremblay isn't a bad player, but just doesn't stack up to Walker at all.

Speaking of Laprade, another mistmatch; Prystai's lack of defensive ability has been well shown (or at least, lack of evidence that really backs up any defensive ability), and he will get destroyed by Taylor if faced up against him. And although Prystai is a better offensive player than Laprade, Laprade is a very solid playmaker and is much better defensively, described as one of the best in his day and a good matchup when the line goes against the top-6 and when the third lines face-off.

Wharram, who is really accomplished more offensively to my opponents top line LW's, doesn't have to worry too much about the opposing LW's offensively, but he has some decent grit to help. Of course the opposing LW's are arguably going to be more worried about defending him and his great goalscoring and speed abilities, and feeding off of the passes of Laprade and Walker, should do quite well. Robert has the intangible edge but has much tougher guys to deal with and isn't Wharram offensively.

My third line has the golden combination of Walker and Laprade who are tremendous defensively and bring some very solid playmaking games to a third line role. With Wharram getting all those great passes, it will contribute offensively, while with Walker, who has the ability to shutdown any of the opposing RW's I feel I've shown, being able to create one-men shows out of my opponents top line and Laprade taking on those guys, it will be a very effective line when utilizied.

Fourth lines I recently showed well- Stewart, Martin, and Peters all provide some grit. Martin, a playmaker, is flanked well by Stewart, a great goalscorer, and Peters, who was a decnet goalscorer. The line can contribute to both sides of the ice and Martin and Peters also have some good defensive ability (great in the case of Peters). It's a do-it-all line that will work well when playing. More so, I feel, than my opposing line-who's problems I explain a little bit above this post.

On defence, we know about Potvin of course. Problem his is partner in Ragulin is slow, and that is something my deadly top line will expose. I also think Doug Wilson is the better all-around defenceman than Ragulin. Goodfellow-Wilson is a pairing where both guys contribute very well offensively, Goodfellow bringing good toughness and Wilson good defensive ability, and both can handle the trench and in front of the net work. It's a good, chemistry pairing that will provide good in all areas of the game.

Pulford-Mortson, I again, challenge anyone to find a tougher pairing, or second pairing, in the draft. This one is certainly amongst them. Mortson, playing with another stay at home guy, provies some offensive punch to this pairing. Both Mortson and Pulford are great defensively, particularly Pulford, who is a masterful defensive defenceman and the best defensive defenceman of his day, Both are tough and very physical- while the opposing pairing, Desjardins and Carlyle, have little showing their toughness.

Mortson, I think, I have showed better all things considered than Desjardins. Offense, I'll let you guys decide. Carlyle really wasn't that special outside of his norris year is something I've also showed, and Pulford was just the more dominant defensively than Carlyle offensively, and Pulford provides much more toughness as well. Carlyle's defensive game is still an unknown at best at this point. I think my destrucive pairing will fair a lot better.

Leduc and Randall are another very tough pairing. Both are very good all-around guys- both much tougher and physical than their counterparts in Huddy and Maxwell. Leduc, I think, I have shown better offensively than Huddy, physicall than Huddy, and somewhat comprable defensively, and Randall brings much better intangibles than Maxwell and likely similar offense.

Of course this pairing is also quite cohesive as the rest of my team's lines, which I have tried to keep balanced; two great all-around defenceman who can take turns rushing and both be effective and punishing defenders.

All backed up by one of the greates goaltenders of all-time in Glenn Hall who, I think I have also shown, has a fairly signifigant advantage over Billy Smith.

Coaching, again, edge to Blake, although Day is a good coach too.

The top line chemistry has been defended quite well. My second line is a very balanced offensive line that has good two-way ability in Weiland and Fleury and Fleury to well-carry the grit load. My third line features perhaps the two best defensive forwards in this series in Edgar and Laprade, two very solid playmakers who will shutdown opposition well and have Wharram to score well with their passes and ensure the line also contributes offensively. My fourth line is also quite cohesive- grit from all three, defensive play from Martin and especially Peters, and a playmaker (martin) flanked by a great goalscorer on the left and a decent one on the right. This line brings plenty of chemistry as well.

Medicine Hat just doesn't have the talent level to compete with the Desert Dogs. My team has the much better offensive game led by my deadly, speedy top line who Medicine Hat cant't defend well against, and backed up by a group with some solid secondary scorers, who are better than what Medicine Hat has for the most part. The speed and skill of my forward group with some good grit mixed in is backed up by a much tougher defence core that is better all-around and has no mobility issues from defence no.2 to no.6 that can do very well against the lacking Medicine Hat offense. And of course, the goaltending edge in Glenn Hall plays another factors.

Cairo has all the skills, tools, and ability to win this series and do very well against Medicine Hat, and that is is exactly what I think they will do.

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