Thread: Larry Brooks: Brooks Orpik wanted to be a Ranger
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12-02-2009, 07:14 AM
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Originally Posted by OverTheCap View Post
I don't think Uncle Larry is making this one up.
Larry IS making it up, or else he'd say that he was told that it pissed the players off. If someone in the locker room actually gave him that info then Brooks wouldn't waste time writing his article as speculation, which he did. Even if the player didn't want to be identified, Brooks would do something like "rumors in the locker room are..."

People forget that while Brooks sometimes has great information (he's gotten a lot more accurate recently...must have found someone willing to leak him information) he still writes for a ****** rumor mongering "newspaper" and he blatantly will make **** up and write incendiary articles when he doesn't have straight news to report. He has ALWAYS done this and people can't seem to figure out how to separate his good info from his ********.

Also, if Lundqvist has a beef with Tortorella then Lundqvist can get ****ed. Tortorella has handled him with kid gloves to the media, has given him just as many games as he would have gotten under Renney, so unless he's yelling at him non stop when practice is over or between periods, then Lundqvist doesn't have **** to complain about.

Originally Posted by SingnBluesOnBroadway View Post
It's not speculation if several players told him so.
Except he didn't say several players told him so!

edit: and you know what, **** these players if they're getting whiny about ****. They're the ones failing to put the puck in the net, losing battles along the boards every game, coughing up the puck in the neutral zone over and over, and failing to give their defense and goaltender any support. The coaching staff can do everything perfectly but if the players play a perimeter game all the time and get out battled for pucks along the boards EVERY SINGLE GAME, then you know what, the blame falls on the players.

So many players are underachieving and do not have a good reason to be doing so. It's their own fault at this point and I'm tired of the idea that a magical coaching change will fix everything. Is that going to make Higgins hit the net? Is it going to make Callahan stop losing every battle for the puck and make him stop being nearly invisible on the ice?

The players deserve a huge amount of blame in this because for the most part they simply aren't living up to their contracts in any way at all.

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