Thread: Larry Brooks: Brooks Orpik wanted to be a Ranger
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12-02-2009, 08:29 AM
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i keep reading these posts about how the team is getting so upset with torts. People are almost trying to paint a picture of a revolution brewing in the locker room against him

im starting to realize that this is nothing more than posters being upset that the team is not winning and pretending that the team is sharing their disdain for the coaching situation...which is delusional

Start showing me quotes, even from "anonymous" players, that even hint that this is really the situation

but there are none...all we have is Dagoon claiming that the word on the street is that Henrik is pissed at Torts, and offdacrossbar claiming "this thing with Torts is real" and then going to list all the reasons for his own personal dislike of the situation

just because we don't know the full details of what goes on in the locker room and what went on with the lisin benching doesn't mean the team didnt know. If you ask me, Torts' interview made it sound like there was actually some pretty specific things that Lisin and Kotalik were asked to do and have not done. They weren't being benched for not putting up gaborik-like points, it sounds a lot like they have been repeat offenders of a specific issue that has been addressed to the team.

people need to cool down, be less delusional, and realize that its early in the season, we have a mediocre team, this a very transitional year in both terms of players and philosophy

we have a lot of things to build on with this team as well as some things to correct. Despite the apparently proven "fact" that the team despises Torts and is going to quit on him tomorrow, the future of this team is actually really bright

but don't listen to me, im an optimist and the teams in a slump, that's like treason right?

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