Thread: Larry Brooks: Brooks Orpik wanted to be a Ranger
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12-02-2009, 08:43 AM
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Yah know, what is so insanely hard about Tortorella's system that these players can't play it.

It basically boils down to "don't sit back and play defense all the time like Renney did", which is what the players clamored for last year.

Hell, most teams in the league play a system where they can be effective on offense as well as on defense. What makes this team and these players so different that they just can't possibly play the same kind of game that 75% of the league plays?

I call ********.

Why can't forwards forecheck hard? You don't even have to go smashing guys, you just have to get into their face and into the passing lanes. Force turnovers.

Why can't players get back on defense? Everyone else does it. Why can't forwards cover for the defensemen when they pinch? This is basic hockey (admittedly they've been better lately).

More importantly, why can't forwards actually help out on the breakout instead of flying the zone early and the meandering around in the neutral zone while their defense desperately looks for a pass to make before the other team out mans them and takes the puck away? Why can't forwards figure out how to play simple dump and chase hockey?

All things that are a problem, all things that Tortorella has tried to get them to play, but so far the players just refuse to get it. Maybe it's just something that takes time with a team that had so much turnover, but Tortorella really isn't doing anything terribly revolutionary here that these players shouldn't be able to do.

edit: and I'd be more inclined to blame the coaching for the players not getting it if the players weren't underachieving so ******* hard and ****ing Marian Gaborik and Vinny Prospal can at least understand how to play some defense while contributing on offense

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