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12-02-2009, 09:29 AM
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Originally Posted by geeman View Post
cant wait to have another soft over rated player like Tanguay , good luck when 5 mil
buys 50 points
Plek had what, a 69pt season, then one bad season, and now he's on pace for like an 80pt season. He had one bad season and now he's a 50 point guy? Sorry but what games have you been watching? Pleks has been arguably our best player and has been playing the Martin system almost to perfection, he's a perfect fit for the team, would come much cheaper then an equivalent 80pt playmaker, and is one of the players we developed from the ground up.

Even in his **** season he had 40pts and the way he played then and now is like night and day. Same with the season he had 69pts, it was like night and day. He had one bad season and to be quite frank its hard to blame him when the team was so bad, injuries plagued us and Carbonneau was our coach. I was one of the people who thought Plek would never return to form, but have you seen him play? He's the reason his line is good, when his line mates play well. He's clearly a developing gem, and will be a 70-80pt guy for years to come if healthy. Why would we trade a guy who is arguably an alright 1st line C, amazing 2nd line C, when that 1st line C we'd be getting to replace him would likely be unaffordable. It's either Plek or nobody. I'd rather Plek. We don't have enough wiggle room unless we deal core players for nothing and don't sign other key players. Plek would be our cheapest and best option, and with the way he's been playing, I wonder if people even watch the games or if they just go to the box score and determine that pleks is **** because of this or that reason. If you actually see him play, he's been stellar, more then stellar.

This coming from a person who wanted him gone after last season, because I hated the way he played, clearly he is a Martin kind of player, and even if Gainey is gone, I want Martin as the coach because I feel he's been the best coach we've had in years.

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