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12-02-2009, 10:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Acadmus View Post
You're suggesting trading the two players that have been performing close to expectations this year and are greatly improved...Horton and Olesz...for two players currently underperforming and in their coach's doghouse, Phaneuf and Jokinen?

I'd take a risk on Phaneuf, but not for those players - it wouldn't improve the team. Meanwhile, any return to the days of Jokinen is a non-starter for me. This season he's third on the Flames in points...but 3/4ths of those are assists. Tell me there's anyone on the Panthers that will benefit from his presence if he can't score for himself. Especially if we deal Horton. Meanwhile he's also only a +2 on a 17-6-3 team...normally +/- doesn't mean much, but we know better with Olli. We also know he'll disappear when the team needs him the most. He's not an elite player - he played like one for ONE season, but has never returned to that form. He's on course for only about 65 points this year, too, playing with the likes of Iginla, who's on pace for closer to 90. Weiss, Horton, and Reinprecht are all on pace for about as many points (Horton actually has 2 more in as many games) as he whom you describe as an "elite" player, and none of them have the benefit of playing with an Iginla-type goal scorer.
You mostly convinced me but I'll throw this out there as a partial rebuke. The main benefits of my proposed trade is getting Phaneuf, who you must admit has to be considered an elite offensive d-man which is important to have with the system DeBoer has installed, and getting out of the long term contracts of Horton, Ballard and Olesz. You would want to do this if you think our core, which is signed long term, can't be the core of a serious Cup Challenging Team. That is very possibly true. Whether Jokinen returns to form or not is really immaterial. His contract expires at the end of the season which would allow you money to pursue players that you think could be important pieces of a contending team. Right now, of the three long term contracts I propose trading, Horton is likely worth it and could be a core player on a contender but you also must admit he does have "issues", but Olesz you have to question if he'll ever score enough to justify his contract and Ballard certainly hasn't played up to his contract this year. So, in summary, you would be trading two long term bad contracts and one good long term contract for one short term bad contract (Jokinen) and one good long term contract at an argueably more hard to fill position, an offensive blueliner.

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