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Originally Posted by Leafs Forever View Post

Woh, woh, woh, woh there. You're telling me Goodfellow is worse than Bouchard, Brewer, AND Pronovost? Goodfellow is aboslutely an elite no.2. It's occasionally crossed my mind he might be in that top.32 range

Why don't you tell me this; how many hart trophies did those guys win? Oh wait, they didn't. How much time did they spend as a disadvantage to building a defenceman record to be an aboslutely star centre? Oh wait, they didn't. And yet Goodfellow managed to accomplish a similar amount, perhaps more, than they did in a shorter time span.
I think Goodfellow is pretty clearly better than those 3 guys, but not necessarily by a whole lot.

My wingers are better, I think I showed. By a fair margin. Lach does push his line better- the question is how he can fair being a one-man show sometimes.
I'm sorry, I don't buy that Fleury was better than St. Louis. Meaner, sure. Better? I'd call it pretty even. Sorry to pick on this one point, but these are guys most of us saw play.

That said, I agree with what you said about Sutter. With Lach at center, it seems Medicine hat could have gotten a better offensive player to play with him.

Agreed. Despite Billy Smith's upping of game, even if Hall downgrades slightly in the playoffs (and, as evident by cup, conn smythe, and apparent good play in Detroit- which did show that the possibility for it happening in Chicago as well), the gap between an 11 team AST and 1 team AST is so massive in the regular season Hall's edge is still signifigant.
I thought he was the scapegoat in Detroit, when they traded him away so they could bring back Sawchuk? I think you likely do still have the advantage, but I'm not sure how huge it is in the playoffs over Smith

In case you can't tell by my last minute comments, this series is giving me a lot of trouble.

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