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12-02-2009, 12:03 PM
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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
Not to rain on the parade, but I have some trouble with this. Seems we're satisfied with effort and intensity but to me that's just not enough.

White's shown impressive effort and intensity, which is nice and is a good way to become a fan favorite. Now the day that translates to actually contributing to winning games, I'll be ecstatic. White has tons of heart, but the problem is he's just not very good.

Mind, great penalty killer, so that's useful. Habitually gets destroyed 5-on-5 with puck possession though, and he's not facing the top of the other guys' lineup either, and he tends to be on the ice for LOTS of chances against. He's actually really lucky he hasn't accumulated huge minuses.

Of course, the bottom of the Habs' lineup is being overtaxed due to injury, but I find it perplexing and a little worrisome that players like White and Pyatt are held in such high regard by the coaching staff despite their ineffectiveness. They are AHLers at this point, full stop. Montreal can't keep giving these guys 13-14 minutes of even-strength time, they need to have better options.
They'll soon be playing 5-10 mins a game max once AK, Gionta and Pouliot are back on the team. Martin usually doesn't play the bottom liners much.

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