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12-17-2004, 04:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Trottier

So only in the NHL (and MLB) can figures not be agreed upon? Only in these two sports can an accounting process/authority not be agreed upon?

Yet it can be done (and is done) in the NBA and NFL?

Defies logic that the two sides cannot come to agreement on this. Unless, they simply do not wish to.
I agree that players don't trust the owners to account for their revenues. But that speaks more to trust than it does to issues of accounting.
Of course the league and the PA could come an agreement on accounting issues and it could be done by third parties (perhaps).
But the issue is this: The players don't want salaries artificially by the proposed cost-certainty salary cap.

Over the past decade, NHL players have joined players in the other leagues when it comes to salaries.
The owners proposal is going to knock them down about 30 percent (Notice that benefits are included in cost-certainty).
Good money for the average joe.
Good money for hockey players, historically.
But not good money if you're the one giving up the money you bargained for based on your work.

That's the issue here, regardless of what players might say. The other stuff is all peripheral.

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