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Originally Posted by Winger98 View Post
I got a chuckle out of this until I realized it was over 17 pounds that Franzen lost... . On the bright side, maybe less mass will make it easier to rehab the knee? Yeah, I'm reaching. How the hell does anyone lose 17 lbs in a month???
Talk about high metabolish. Holy ****. I thought i lost a lot of muscle when I tore my knee, but not as much as him. I ended up losing 10 lbs in like 3 months, not 17 in one month. wow.

Originally Posted by doublejack View Post
One can lose muscle mass that quickly through inactivity and a poor diet. And muscle memory is a concept that explains how someone who does the same set of movements over and over can repeat the task with a high level of precision.

If Franzen has lost a significant amount of muscle, his road to getting it back won't be any easier than yours or mine would be. It's amazing how quickly conditioning and muscle are lost when someone becomes inactive.

Either way, I think it's noble of him to want to play in the Olympics, but he's being a fool about it. He should realize that even if he doesn't rush back
Muscle actually can be put back on fairly qiuck and even more so for a bigger person like Johan. Once his knee gets stronger to lift and press, like another month, I am sure he will start gaining a lot more of it back. Honestly, some people's bodies are insanely gifted. If you work your ass off you can gain a ton of weight fairly easy but its going to take a lot of hard work. When I was 20 I was able to go to the Gym once or twice a day, 7 days a week and I was gaining like 5 lbs a month, minus fat i was burning and shedding. He's a professional athlete, im sure he could toss on more then the average worker-outer.

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